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The World Health Organization (WHO) and It's Power Play to Supersede the Laws of Sovereign Nations

Back in January of 2022, the US lead the efforts in attempting to allow International Health Regulations to be solely handled by the WHO, giving them absolute authority over sovereign lands. If approved, the IHR amendments would grant the WHO director-general dictatorial power to declare a public health emergency—even if the member state objects. That means an unelected bureaucrat/autocrat would have the ability to impose a “One Health” directive that supersedes the laws of a democratically elected nation-state and the will of its citizens.

Why should this concern you? When your "health" and decisions regarding your "health" are handed over to anyone who is not your physician, especially to someone who is not even a physician (such as Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus PhD director of the World Health Organization), you should be very concerned.

Although twelve of the IHR amendments were withdrawn, the Article 59 amendment remains. This change is unsettling as it shortens the timeframe for countries to reject future amendments from eighteen to six months as well as reducing the implementation time from twenty-four to twelve months. In addition, they added several new amendments to Articles 55, 61, 62, and 63, mainly related to timeframes. See the this PDF for the amendments they snuck through.Thankfully, but sadly, only the Nation of Africa that stood up while the rest of the world remained silent.

Simply look at the most recent pandemic. If one is honest about it, then one sees how there was a concentrated effort to "manage the narrative" (and continues to be), even though many of the things we knew from the beginning including effective treatment(s) being denied, physicians and healthcare providers/researchers scorned, ridiculed and mocked, medical licenses suspended, medical science censored, etc...

Freedom is always a heartbeat from being lost. Remember that one does not kill a frog by dropping it in boiling water. Instead, one slowly increases the heat in the pot, slowly boiling the frog to death. One thing has been proven time and time again: ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!

One of many lessons to have learned is that you should take a very proactive position and especially one that involved your health and options for healthcare.

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