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Coconutz was founded by my wife and I who like most of us, were concerned and disappointed with the toxic, and often poisonous over the counter health and beauty products, including the ineffectiveness, and not so natural - "natural deodorants."
With myself, a physician, and my wife, a chemical engineer, we set out to create a truly all-natural line of health and beauty products that are non-toxic, child safe and actually effective.
After extensive research, it was decided to use 100% pure organic coconut oil as the base in all products because of its well known properties and multiple health benefits. 
After several years, several formulations, numerous trials and feedback from focus groups and yes, physicians and medical personnel, the first Coconutz product was born.
Try COCONUTZ 100% NATURAL DEODORANT and you'll see why We're NUTZ about COCONUTZ

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